Saturday, October 10, 2015

karut marut during confinement period by STH. hehe

so far, below are some of the things that really make my life feel so meaningful, and occupied.. 
  • sweet smell of my baby
  • unexpected smile from my baby
  • to have the "shower" of my baby's poop and urine on my hand and clothes -.-
  • the never ending feeling of hunger - i seriously cannot stop eating.. lapar nye sokmo
  • the longest sleep at night will be at most, 3 hours. then my baby will cry for milk
  • nappy cleaning - paling sikit 5 kali sehari okay..
  • burping after each feeding
  • tungku urut bengkung
  • breast milk pump is my new bff, hm and deep freezer too and yes, Shaklee Post Natal set too
  • new definition of cuteness in my life : your baby's kentut, her expression while burping, pooping, and "menggeliat" will make you feel happy and amaze hehe
  • bengkak susu is your biggest nightmare
  • baju basah & masam dek susu is also my new enemy

nevertheless, i am loving my motherhood journey..every sweet and bitter bits of it..may Allah ease everything.. for me, and also for my sister.. seriously, i can't wait for this pantang period to end. nak makan byk benda... ngaa

and may my sweet Hanaa Humairaa' will always be in His Love and Blessing..

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