Saturday, January 8, 2011

seeking for a wedding photographer anyone??

well, i would like to recommend u 

OneChannel Photography

our official wedding photographer.

why you should hire them? simple~

they are very nice and friendly photographers, constantly giving u updates and of course will deliver you a very excellent service~ and the most important thing is.. the pictures turn out to be superbly cantik.

dont believe it?

sila lah jamu mata. :)

our outdoor photoshoot at putrajaya..

our wedding rings..

akad nikah session..

our 1st outdoor photoshoot at USJ 4 field.

amir's reception in bangi..

and lots more... tp xnak la share semua kan? :P

so what do u think? awesome isn't it? :)

more review about OneChannel Photography?

they did came on time, they were sporting and dedicated during the photoshoot (during the event or outdoor) and paling penting, very friendly with their customer. senang nak berurusan dan sangat bersemangat utk ambil gambar. sampai lagi excited dari pengantin. hehe. clearly shows they were so passionate about photography and most importantly, they were sincere. :) and one more thing, they treated my best friends really well too, layan aje ke"sengal"an kami during the 1st outdoor photoshoot.  

khairun najmi and khairol anuar were the photographers, and khairol and his wife, kak neena were so friendly with us and always keep us updated with their progress, from time to time.

owh, i cant wait to see the final output. our two custom album. :)

so my friends out there. i recommend u to take them as your official wedding photog too.. insyallah u wont be regret. just like what i and hubby did. we were very happy and satisfied with them.

more info on them? especially on how much their packages are?? hehe

for OneChannel Photography

please keep up the good work and excellent service that has been delivered to us, to others too. dont be like others who tend to be unfriendly and horrible in dealing with customers, especially when the business is getting better. in other words. dah makin panas lg feymes, lagi kerek jadi nya. huhu please keep on delivering the product as promised. if u can do that consistently, i will keep on supporting u guys. :) ("barang baik" takkan nak simpan kan??)

till then, daa~

things that a bride to be should do..

okay. its almost a month since i've been a Puan. :) what a wonderful life i can say. :)

just a few things that i want to share with all bride to be out there. so that you wont be as regretful as i am. huhu. u know, the feelings where "owh i should have did that, i should have check first.." bla bla bla..

so girls, this is the list of things that u should do for your wedding.. well, this is from my own experience. :)

1. dont think those who appear in the magazine (majalah pengantin, ratu sehari etc), will deliver you a superb and excellence service. please do check with others first on how their service are... huhu. believe me. sometimes, first expression is contradict in  showing u what their service really are.. however not all are like this, but it would be better if u check first... to make sure every cent spent is worth.

2. please brief all of your close families, to be extra careful during the walimah. since there will be uninvited guest who will keep their eyes fix on things which are valuable, such as duit hantaran, brg2 hantaran, and also your "duit hadiah" which people seldom give esp if they did not bring any presents :) for my case, i did lost almost 2k of that duit hadiah.. huhu. so be careful people especially when you're in USJ or in Putra Heights since the cases are higher there, currently lah.. huhu..

3. please test your make up before your big day, so u wont end up "crying".

4. please choose and wear a wedding outfit that will make u feel comfortable and beautiful. not awkward and hideous. huhu

5. if possible, please do your akad and reception on a different day. believe me, i did my akad and reception on the same day, end up nya? kelam kabut and i dont have enough time to enjoy and take pictures with all who been there... huhu. -nyesal-nyesal-

6. communication is very important. please communicate well with your mak andam and those who are responsible in making your big day a success or the other way around. this is to avoid miscom and at the end, gaduh gaduh and gaduh.. huhu

that's all for now, ehehe, if i do remember something else, i do the adding later. :P

as a conclusion, a wedding should be beautiful. :) and insyallah will be held once in our life. thus, please please please plan and prepare carefully. those who has an ample time to prepare, please make use of that. plan and plan, and do a lot of survey and asking, so that you will be happy and dont feel any regret at the end. 

happy planning.. and may you have the happiest and magical moment ever during your wedding. just like i did.. :)

thank you for all who came. thank you for all of the wishes and presents. really appreciate it. 

cantik kan?? not us :P but the picture of course. hehe. later, i will write on my official photographer. 100% recommended. :) really happy with their service and work. 

till then, bubbye~