Saturday, September 19, 2015

what took you so long my baby H?

ngaa. i am or already approaching my 39th weeks of pregnancy now.. and i am no where close to be in the labor phase -.- hm.. kenapa ek.. kenapa ye...

ada orang kata sebab maybe its a girl.. baby girl suka memeram lama dalam perut mama dia.. well. kalau betul sebab this time its a baby girl, mama is super fine. ngahahaa

ada jgk teori mengatakan its because this time i am spending my last months of pregnancy at home, and not at the office, with the stairs to climb up and down, and of course, the stress... which indirectly can induce the labor..

yesterday, when i went to see my gynae, she gave me these tips, to expedite and induce the labor naturally, which she said i would really love and preferred.. hehe

1. do a lot of sex. -.-

2. take Evening Primrose Oil orally and put it in our vagina. okay, orally is fine, but to put the pills inside tuuut? so not me i guess.. then i asked, what about Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)? owh then she said that would work too..

3. drink Raspberry Leaf tea. hm sudah. mana plak nak cari ni kan. so google-google, cuba this website yang jual this kind of tea ;!product/prd1/2308222351/organic-raspberry-leaf-tea

katanya boleh bantu tubuh bersedia utk labor and bleh bantu penyusuan susu ibu. yeay. point last tu suka.

4. and last, cinnamon. okay. leh beli byk2 cinnamon sticks from Auntie Anne's ngee

anybody ada tips lagi best and senang, please do share ya. bye..

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