Monday, November 22, 2010

saya dah 23 tahun 1 hari.

21 November 2010 is my birthday. :)

thank you for all of the wishes. appreciate it so much. thank u too for the wonderful doa. especially for my wedding. thank you. thank you. 

especially to the special someone in my life, my fiancĂ©e and soon to be my husband, encik AFA. thank you so much dear for making me happier each day. and of course for the presents. hehe. love it so much. especially the bantal~ thanks to all who help to make it happen ( my future SILs) 

sweet kan ? :)

and of course, to my family and friends. thank u so much for everything. 

i love you all.

thank you for making my life happy and colourful ~ wee.



nurahaifa said...


wah, getting married my dear long lost fren??

congrates and happy for u ^___^

barakallahu lakuma~~

syaima' said...

waalaikum salam.

nurahaifa? siapa ni ya? sorry. cant recall who r u based on this name.

thank you btw for the wishes. :)

Charles Tan said...

iPhoneeee!!! :P

Anonymous said...

hepi befday

Ena said...

welcome SIL..
baru bc..haha