Thursday, October 15, 2009

happy birthday to ain suffian

i know its quite late to wish you happy birthday, rumet here in my blog. sorry. quite busy and the internet itself in UTP was not helping me to post any post. especially this post.

so, rumet, nurulain suffian. here it is. [sila baca dgn nada menyanyi ye]

"happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to ain,
happy birthday to you....."

hope you'll be in a good life and blessed with happiness forever,
in whatsoever you're going to do later.
especially in your working life in kerteh.
may Allah S.W.T always be with you.

hope you'll get what ever you want in life.
especially your family's happiness.
because i know they meant a lot to you.

n also.
hope you'll find the answer for "him" sooner.

all in one.
i love u dearly as one of my best friend, my roommate.
hope we can see each other always and as you said before.
hope to see each other in heaven. insyallah`~

happy birthday sahabat.


ikhlas dari.
syaima' tuan hassan


ainsuffian said...

halalkan makan minum, ilmu, gurau-senda i & semua2 selama i jd rumet u..
terharu sangat2..
i sgt happy dpt rumet ngan u & kenal ngan u lebih lg..


love u, syaima'..

>> azam, jgn marah, aku syg syaima'.. hehe~ <<

syaima' said...

love u too rumet.

azam x marah. jelesh sket je kot. hahaha