Wednesday, August 11, 2010

when i started working..

i have been working for about 8 months now..

and as time goes by, there is one thing that i realized..

it is actually not easy to be a good "ketua"..

from my own observation and experience..

in order to be a good "ketua"..

apart from getting sure the work is done..greatly and on time of course..

you too have to know how to inspire and motivate your subordinates..

and i have to agree..

not everyone can do that..

u may be a good "instructor".. but i guess in long term it will affect you badly..

other than that, it is not easy too to be a good "kuli"..

especially when you are having a bad time communicating with your "ketua".. and when you are doing something that is not your interest or something that you don't like..

i guess that's working life..

you have to expect the unexpected.. you have to be extra strong and tough.. especially when you are working for other people..

don't let them make u feel down.. if ya pun, make it in -short term- period. hehe

so, chaiyo`!!

life must get going..

insyaAllah, there will be a rainbow at the end of the tunnel..


p/s: cant wait to go back home. Rumahku syurga ku~~ and of course. post ini hanyalah cetusan hati. takde kena mengena dengan specific person. anggap saje ini adalah general view of mine. :)


Charles Tan said...

Hi Syai dear~ i recommend u pegi Personal Career Planning. It helped me alot, and it will help you in the long run :)

syaima' said...

really? hm. will try to consider it. thanks.

saliha said...
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