Saturday, December 26, 2009

new life at kerteh, terengganu

its been almost a week im at kerteh. memulakan hidup berdikari jauh dari famili, dan hidup sebagai seorang executive di P**, Kerteh. eceh` :P

first of all, i want to say thank you to my beloved family. they were there with me at Rumbia Resort, Paka for 2 night. :) so i can say that i am so lucky because my family was there to accompany me on my 1st day of work.

so far. i love my house in Kerteh. except for the fact that the house is too big for me and Ain Suffian. too big okay~! besar sangat sebab sebenarnya umah tu adalah dua rumah teres yang telah di sambungkan. owner umah tu jarang2 balik ke sana so, dia sewakan pada kami si anak2 gadis. dia malas n kureng berkenan nk sewa kan umah tu kat anak2 teruna sbb tamo rumah tu kotor dgn asap2 rokok n sebagai nye. ehe. no offence ye guys. xde gmbr ye lg. next post insyallah. n our future housemate akan tiba di umah itu januari ini.

n of course. i love my office environment and the people there. amazingly, all of them were so friendly and warm. berbeza sungguh dengan company tempat intern dulu. huhu. the culture at P** is very good. they have their own induction program for new staff. n i was told by the staff. that i have to see the CEO later. nguu. i hope i can perform well. huhu. i can say that my work there will be challenging since its really new and alien to me. i have to know all of the engineering and quality thingy such as ISO 9001 etc. plus the non work task such as being an emcee for events such as HSE-Q day this january. huhu. i don know whether they are serious or not about the emcee thing. ngu. cuak beb. x penah kot jd emcee sebelum ni. help`! n lucky me. even tho i was there about 2 days only, i was able to attend trainings dah.

before ke P**, amek gmbr dlu ~ :)

there are a lot of things ahead of me. maybe good things, maybe the other way around. wish me luck k. i hope i can be as good as what they think of me. n of course i want to contribute as much as i can and can be a valuable asset to P*******. ameen.

p/s: once im in kerteh, i'll not be able to surf the net. harap maklum ye. till then. take care. mwahs~


CaHaya said...

mwahs juga~
best dpt pengalaman baru.
i dapat chance handle satu slot.
n rs nk buat lagi!
all the best k lalink. =)

Mohd Hafizd said...

best bce chronology interview pet..dpt jugak ek =)

syaima' said...

yep. alhamdulillah`~