Tuesday, December 8, 2009

PIPE (day 8)

today's activity?

Community Field Project to Pusat Tahfiz An-Najihah di Kg Jijan, Nilai.

not as what i or maybe most of us expected it to be..

but then.. ok lah..

we had fun.. n for sure.. personally i have learned and gained a lot from them...

especially today has made me to realise that the behaviour and mindset is very important. n it is very important for us to have the correct one since we were small. to ensure that we can be successful in our life.

n looking at all of the boys there, who most of them have handphone each, it also made me realise that the exposure that the kids nowadays have is not good at all for them. what i meant is the games, and other technologies that might affect them in all aspect.

such as.. they might be so materialistic. lack of sense of respect to older people n etc.

antara babak yang terjadi siang td, yang dapat menyokong pernyataan saya di atas itu,

kakak faci: "ey.. pergilah tolong kawan g bina menara tu~"

budak 1: "tengah tolong la ni, tolong tengok. hahahaha"

budak 2: "hahahaha"

kakak faci: " korang ni. loyar buruk plak ye. pegi la tolong. nak menang ke tanak?"

budak 1: "tanak lah. bukan nye dapat apa-apa pun~"

budak2: anguk2.

kakak faci: sigh~

i hope the kids also had fun too.. n also at the same time gained something from today's visit.. n maybe will change those bad habits of theirs to better ones.. such as taking care of their rooms and house's cleanliness.. n yes.. their toilet.. huhu.. lagi pun, islam sndiri mengajar umat nye utk sntiasa menjaga kebersihan kan..

n also esp. if u want to flirt around, pls make sure the girl is much2 younger than u. n she's not married yet.. :P

n now.. just let the pic tells u the story.. :)

budak tembam ni sangat mencuit hati kami.

before balik to PERMATA

one of the games that we played

before bergerak ke pusat tahfiz an najihah

nampak mcm ahli kumpulan nasyid x kami?

kagum dengan PIPEmates yang sungguh gigih bergotong royong. even tho i incharge in games pun dah penat mcm apa. apatah lagi korg kan? tahniah2.

n i started to feel like a big happy famili with most of my PIPEmates. :)

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