Saturday, December 26, 2009

PIPE (day 16 & day 17)

will miss u guys so much. :)

at last. the end of PIPE has come.

n i can say we end it GOOD. especially the performance. i LOVE it so much. congratz everybody for the great job. n to make it more sweeter. our facilitator love it so much too`! hehe [kiranya bkn syok sndiri lah kan]

n the last sharing session. its so sad since its the last day of PIPE which means PERPISAHAN.. but at the same time all of us are really happy because
  1. we managed to undergo the PIPE and insyallah getting all of the things that PIPE supposedly to delivered.
  2. we really loves being with each other. despite all of the differences during that 17 days of PIPE program. you guys are so uniquely cute and fun person. i am blessed to get to know all of u. and i can say that i am really lucky to be in group 1 rather than group 2. y? :) [biarlah rahsia`]
hope the friendship, the experience and the moments together in PIPE will be in our heart forever. GOOD LUCK and ALL THE BEST to all of my PIPE mates.

friendship forever.

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