Saturday, December 5, 2009

PIPE (day 1 - day 5)

currently i am in PERMATA, Bangi for the Petronas Induction Program for new Executive (PIPE). this program will make me stay here for 17 days before i can start my new life and career in Petronas Penapisan Terengganu, Kerteh. and also make me more comel and GEMOK`! since the food was so heavenly prepared for us. (-.-!)

n some fact or points or thoughts that i want to highlight until today...
  • its only me and aween jek from batch jan 05 yang join PIPE 52
  • my roomate is a cool mother aged 29 years old. byk leh kongsi cite especially about marriage and anak. ehe (gatal nk kawen kah saya?)
  • my team mates, team Professionalism is all from UTP, only one of us is from UMS, Sabah
  • our faci told us that our group is the most patient and coolest group (ok. ni saya add sendiri :P) since the 1st PIPE ever.. or u can say the most passive one lah. i think the faci just want to be nice to us, so dat we will not feel down. huhu
  • only 36 (kot) of us. pecah kepada dua group lagi. n bayangkan ada PIPE batch lain sampai 100+ participants. sgt tak fair kan?
  • i still slow in giving out my ideas and comments during the classroom activities.. hm. maybe sbb enjin x panas lagi kot. i wish i can be more outspoken n berani mati dalam bersuara
  • i really2 dont like the SPIDER WEB game. they should change the game~!
  • i love the SELIPAR GERGASI game. even tho terpaksa patah balik 2 kali. its worth. hehe
  • a few guys from PIPE 52 ni said that i looked so serius and i should smile always and a lot~ which give me a great shock okay. muka ak ni mcm tu ke? huhu. tindakan luar sedar k. sori3. pasneh i will try to give more senyuman menawan. eceh~
  • i like and satisfied with the laundry service. i'll make sure i ckup kan rm200 allocation for laundry by dis 17th. rugi beb if i x gunakan.
  • still x sempat nk explore the pool room and the karaoke room.
  • byk sungguh presentation, discussion and acting activities. which i dont really prefer to be the player. sgt takde bakat ok dalam menghiburkan hati penonton.
  • love the "poco-poco" session.
  • kelakar bila dapat tgk guys yang macho2 terpaksa nanyi lagu My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion
  • excited and eager to know what are we going to eat each and every day.. :P
hm... tu je la kot..

i hope i can give a very good impression to the facilitators by the end of the PIPE 52.. huhu

chow guys. mahu menghadirkan diri utk discussion. bubbye~


izza` said...

ye. dobi tu best. contohi lah sy. RM197. hahahaha~! sangat tak bazir!

btw, babe! i professionalism gak dulu! & yeah, kitorg la group paling passive i.e. takde shark sebenarnya haha

syaima' said...

baik. sy akan try beat ur record.

ktorg plak ada jek shark. tp shark yang jinak. hehe

mashimarossa said...

pengalaman best!

wish me luck esok SI~`
xde perasaan..maybe esok kot baru start nervous

hu~` T_T"

Charlz said...

hihuhihu~ kamon syai.. be more adventurous! jgn passive2 :P

syaima' said...

saa: owh babe~~! goodluck n do the best k. i harap u recommended n dpat kat kerteh gak cm i. haha

charles: huhu. im still trying neh. huhu.. any tips?

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

come on Syai.. you can do it.. haha.. padahal I havent PIPE yet.. :P