Tuesday, December 15, 2009

PIPE (day 10-15)

its been so fast since i was here on the first day of PIPE. now its already 2 days left before we went to our own path of life n career.

there is a lot of feelings, thought that came into my mind. n there is also lots of things that i will remember forever related to PIPE 52..

the people. the experience. the memories. the games. the food..etc

"oh my god~~~"

"eee geli lah~!"

"eh diam lah~~!"

"miss PIPE 52...."


"anok tikuh~~..."


"oh my gucci~..."


"mr manager..."


n byk lagi lah...

huhu. sedihnya.. but at the same time i feel so happy and excited to start my working life in kerteh... there is a lot of uncertainties... also opportunities... that can affect my life later..

wish me luck guys..

especially on the last n final performance.. yok our PIPE mates.. yok practice~!!

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