Tuesday, November 17, 2009

selamat berjuang wahai....

adikku, samira tuan hassan.

good luck and all the best for your big exam, SPM
i'll pray for you, my sis.
may you succeed with flying colours and make us proud.
especially ummi and abah.


sahabat2 ku, fellow UTPians.

anep, my ex housemates, pudin, matshin, ESQ team and others.
even though its quite late already,
do your best k.
esp to those who are already in their final sem.



Shariffudin Sahedan said...

nama aku d c2..
makaceyh syaima'!!!
apreciate it so much!

p/s:last paper ari ahad pastu da free dari exam! hoyeah!!

syaima' said...

ur welcome. :)