Thursday, November 26, 2009

alhamdulillah. settle sudah sume nye.. [for now]

  • filling up forms? CHECK~!

  • undergo the (horrible) medical check up? CHECK~!

  • submitting the forms and documents? CHECK~!

fuh. lega. now only waiting for PIPE. :) since my medical check up PASS~! yeay`

n PACKING, misi mencari rumah sewa, n lots more. haih. poning dah aih.

btw, nk wish pada sume org..


makan daging ber ingat2 sket ye.

[sedih tak dapat balik kelantan dis year.huhu]


CONGRATULATIONS to all of my friends yang sudah mendapat kebebasan yang sebenar ~! eceh`~ sure happy kan da unofficially graduated. sy tumpang gembira. insyallah sy dtg convo korg sume.

p/s: anyone knows how to find a nice house in KERTEH? hunting for a house that can fit 3-4 cute girls? :P with nice and cool tenant who cares about our welfare [which means. the tenant can provide us with a good house, dgn segala2 apa yg patut] .. hehe. :P


John Emmanuel Edmund said...

why was it a horrible medical check up? hehe..

syaima' said...

because.. er.

sorry. xleh story kat sini.

pm me if u want to know the details. hehe