Sunday, October 10, 2010

save the date for my wedding`! :)

memang niat di hati untuk post/upload "save the date" poster ini pada umum tepat-tepat 2 bulan sebelum tarikh perkahwinan saya..

so here it goes..

my walimatul urus.. :)

 his walimatul urus.. :)

humbly designed by me, using all sources that i can use.. including Mr Google~ and other Bride to Be blogs.. ok la kan? as long the message can be conveyed.

so to all my dear friends.. you are all invited to my wedding this coming December 2010. please email me your address for the wedding card. 

aaa. excited. :)

and scared and nervous when thinking on other preparation yang tak siap2. huhu. wish me luck people~! yea~

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